What is love?

Don’t hurt me no more, no more.
Joking aside, i’ve talked about mariage, but i havn’t talked about love. Why did i approach mariage first then?
Simple: Mariage is a law abiding contract between two people, betting half your shit that you won’t ever cheat on them. Love, however, is a little more complicated than that.
So, what is it? 
That really depends on who’s asking. it changes depending on who you are. So, since i can’t define it for anyone else, i’m going to share my definition. 
Love to me comes easily. I Love people very quickly. Not because i have a loose definition of love, but mostly because I’m quick to form bonds with people. Love to me is the basic desire to be with a person. not sexually. but to just be with them. to care for them. It’s a protective instinct in a way for me. part of that is the “big Brother” status that i’ve lived with my whole life. It goes a little bit deeper though. a person can want to protect somebody for a number of reasons. A person can be happy with people for plenty of reasons. how do you know it’s love?
When it’s no longer rational.

Ladies, Gentleman, any one here that has ever been in love can tell you that it’s not really all that pleasant to have most of the time. They will also tell you that if you aren’t willing to looks stupid, then you aren’t willing to be in love. You have to be unexplainably happy with a person. you have to enjoy being with them for no other reason than having them with you makes you happy. If somebody asks “What makes you happy right now” and you get an image of their face instantly without thinking about it? yea, you’re in love.

Poor Bastard.

Now, you can love somebody platonicly of course. I love my siblings in that way. I care for them alot and i’d do anything for them. But, at a ceartain level, you feel almost obligated to love ceartain people. Romantic love is the love that you don’t HAVE to feel, and quite frankly you really don’t want to. 
When you fall in love, you normally hit a really jagged rock on the way down.

Romantic love hurts. Heartbreak hurts. It physically hurts you. the stress caused by heartbreak actually makes it more difficult to breathe and pump blood. and you can definetly romanticly love more than one person at a time. That’s the worst feeling in the world, i promise. When that happens, your very existance goes against your now basic need (To make the person you’re with happy) and causes your very core to hate itself for being such a dirty bastard. My advice: Don’t leave the first person for the second. because you’ll always have that nagging feeling for them. and i promise you that other person (except in special cases that i dont feel like clarifiying; i leave that to you) will be more hurt than you can possibly even fathom. whoever this other person is, assume it’s a passing whim of fancy. when in doubt, stick to what you know works. I’ve watched every girl i’ve ever really loved leave me for some other guy. but when they come back to me because it was a mistake, i’m too hurt to think on it and take them back. i regret every second that i didn’t spend with them because i was so petty. but what’s done is done and cannot be changed. I hope if you’re faced in that situation that you make better decisions and think more clearly than i did.

Stay tuned as I reveal the most vital secrets of mankind: The secret of the FRIEND ZONE!!!

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